A la Carte

Firt course


Smoked Salmon & Scorpion fish terrine with a Cold Basil Sauce    15€

Duck Galantine   15€

Smoked Norwegian Salmon and Toasts  18€

Large Cold Prawns with Mayonnaise  14€

Duck "foie gras" and Toasts  25€

Italian Ham  14€

Hippocampe Salad  14€

6 Oysters  13€

9 Oysters  20€

12 Oysters  25€


Hot First Course


Fish Soup of Rock at the Saffron's Flower  16€

Stuffed Mussel  12€

Plate Mixed  14€

12 "burgunoy's" snails  16€

6 "burgunoy's" snails  11€




Fillet of sole in a brioche with Hollandaise Sauce  30€

Monkfish with Green Pepper Sauce  30€

Cannelloni of Lobster   28€

Sea Bass with Fennel Flambe  35€

Scallops in vinaigrette of citrus fruits   28€

Sea Bream with fennel flambé   28€

Sea Bass in Salt crust  36€

Fried Red Mullets  26€

Whole Small Fried Fish  17€

Grilled scampi (in their shells) with Tartar Sauce  28€

Fried Sole  38€

Fresh Langouste (sea crayfish) with Mayonnaise    on reservation

Fisherman's Pot (type of fish soup: fish soup, turbot, st pierre, monkfish, potato, fillet of sole, crouton, spicy)   40€




Chicken in red Wine Sauce  22€

Steak with pepper Sauce  28€

Lamp Stew  22€

Grilled Chateaubriand Steak with Béarnaise Sauce  30€

Grilled Entrecote Steak   23€